Social Justice Sunday!

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Social Justice Sunday!

Sunday,  September 30, was a beautiful sunshiny day in Hobart to celebrate Social Justice Sunday! A group of young adults attended the Mass and launch of the Social Justice Sunday statement at St Mary’s Cathedral.

The theme of this year's Social Justice Sunday statement is ‘The Gift of Family in Difficult Times: The social and economic pressures facing families today’

Following the Mass and launch,and after having a quick bite to eat, we cooked, baked, decorated and wrapped a very LARGE number of biscuits, cookies, slice, honey joys and chocolate crackles! We took boxes of these goodies up to St Vincent de Paul’s Loui’s Van, where they were very gratefully accepted to hand out on Sunday night to give those doing it a little bit tough just something a little extra on Social Justice Sunday!

A huge thanks to those who came along and made it a terrific day as well as a productive one!!

By Rachelle Smith, Catholic Youth Ministry