Year of Grace - Official Website Launched

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Year of Grace - Official Website Launched
The Year of Grace

For several years the Australian Bishops have been reflecting on how they might refocus their lives on Jesus Christ, both in their prayer and their daily activities, and how they might invite the whole Catholic Church in Australia to join them in this task.

The Bishops have decided to extend the Year of Grace, so that it concludes in November 2013, with a Celebration of Holiness

Signalling the start of preparations for this most important event for the Catholic Church in Australia, the Official website for “A Year of Grace” has been launched at

A Year of Grace is the Australian bishops’ gift to the Church to celebrate and renew our faith and life as Catholics. It will begin at Pentecost 2012 and is an exhortation from the bishops of Australia to "Start afresh from Christ."

Project Officer for the Year of Grace Fr. Peter Brock hopes that the site will become a hub for Catholics during the Year of Grace.

“The enthusiasm of the bishops for this Year of Grace can be seen in the comments of four of them on the home page. They are calling the whole Catholic Church in Australia in join them in this time of renewed prayer, or what several of them have called a 'slow-motion retreat'.”

"In the coming weeks and months the National Planning Team will use the website to make resources available to individuals, parishes, schools and dioceses, so that people all over the country can respond to the invitation to 'start afresh from Christ'."

 Archbishop Mark Coleridge, who has been a driving force behind the bishops’ working group on the Year of Grace is hopeful about the way in which it will renew the Australian Church.

“The bishops have decided, under the impulse of the Holy Spirit to call all Catholic people in Australia to a time of retreat.”

 “The Year of Grace has been like a seed, being watered gently and growing with tender care. It comes from the bishops' reflection over a number of years on the Apostolic letter Novo Millennio Ineunte (at the start of the new millennium).

“This letter recalls the events in Rome during the Jubilee year of 2000 and the Pope's challenge to the whole Church to "contemplate the face of Christ.”

All people are warmly welcomed to explore this site and the hope is that it will be a space of prayer; a place to seek resources and a place of information for you as we go on this journey together in the Catholic Church in Australia.