Valuing School Community

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Valuing School Community
Yr 12 2011 Graduates

On Friday 4th November St Patrick's College in Launceston celebrated the final day of schooling for Year 12s with the Valete Mass and Dinner. 

The Valete Mass and Dinner is a wonderful evening that acknowledges the six years the students have spent at St Patrick's College. the relationships that have formed with staff, students and parents that are crucial to the success of their journey through secondary education. 

During the Mass, celebrated by Father Richard Ross, Year 12 member Gabrielle Fulton reflected on the importance of the Vision and Mission of St Patrick's College in shaping not only their experience of St Patrick's but also into transforming the people they have become. 

Gabrielle, the daughter of Len and Pauline, is the last of five children in her family to attend St Patrick's College. Click here to read her reflection.