Tasmanians encouraged to travel to Toowoomba for Mission School

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Tasmanians encouraged to travel to Toowoomba for Mission School

“It’s 10 days with the most amazing people you’ll ever meet” is how Tasmanian Olivia Burdick describes her experience of the 10-day Immaculata Mission School, which this year will be held in Toowoomba.

Young Tasmanians are being encouraged to travel to take part in this year’s Mission School, which is being held in Toowoomba for the second time, following three consecutive years in Tasmania.

Held from January 1-10, the Mission School is run by the Immaculata Community, who are based in Franklin, Tasmania, and is open to all young people aged 15 to 35.

Featuring talks on the faith, music, prayer and adoration, food and fellowship, the Mission School is an opportunity to grow closer to God, learn more about the Catholic faith and encounter hundreds of other young people on the same journey.

The effect that the Mission School has on young people’s lives is one of the reasons Tomasz Juszczak, Director of the Office of Youth Evangelisation for the Archdiocese of Hobart, is encouraging young Tasmanians to attend.

“The groups of Tasmanians that have gone in the past … have received an incredible fire for the faith after coming back.

“It really is a school where it helps young people not only grow in their faith, but be able to go deeper in their faith.”

For Olivia, 20 years old and studying medicine at UTAS in Hobart, the experience of the Mission Schools has been life-changing.

Although raised in a practicing Catholic family, she said she was ‘disconnected’ from her faith.

“It was important to me – but not really. It was just another thing that you did.

“Mission School really helped me to see God as a person and as someone that I could approach and go to for help, and support, and love,” she said.

“Part of the reason [Mission School] was so good for me, was that it wasn’t just my parents saying it, and it wasn’t just my parish saying it, it was hundreds my age from around Australia who were all listening to the same talks and coming away with the same beliefs and understandings.”

For 18-year-old Hamish Powell, of Kingston, attended Mission School for the first time earlier this year.

“I learnt so much that really made me go deeper, made me realise why I’m on my journey, why I’m a Christian, why I’m a Catholic.”

Hamish says the experience of travelling to Toowoomba meant he became better friends with other Tasmanians who also attended.

“Going can help your community,” he said.

“You go together and you come back and you have that extra foundation to build off in your own parish … and hopefully you can share a bit of that with others.”
Mr Juszczak agrees.

“When young people do go deeper in their faith, they’re able to reach a level where they can start to be young leaders of the faith here in Tasmania.

“I don’t see Mission School as only being about their own personal formation, but it’s also about forming young leaders so that they can then become evangelists of other young people here in Tasmania.”

Mr Juszczak, 33, who has attended past Mission Schools, will be in Toowoomba this January.

“For me, it is probably the highlight of the year when it comes to my own personal formation, and even my formation in my ministry. It’s something that takes me further each time and helps give me clarity in my ministry and my life with my family, and in all parts of my Catholic faith as well.”

For Olivia, who also hopes to attend Mission School in January, the chance to travel to Toowoomba is a bonus.
“It’s such a great opportunity to see people … from all around Australia – and half the fun is a bit of the travel as well, especially if you’re going with a group from Tassie and you get to enjoy the trip up.”

To register, go to www.sistersoftheimmaculata.org.au/ims