Taking steps on a global pilgrimage to Pentecost

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Taking steps on a global pilgrimage to Pentecost

For Huon Valley mother of ten Anne Ovari, going on an actual religious pilgrimage overseas is, in her own words, highly unlikely.

So when the opportunity arose to take part in a virtual pilgrimage, with like-minded pilgrims from around the world, she quickly took steps to sign up for the Pentecost Pilgrimage.

And Mrs Ovari, 56, of Pelverata, is getting so much out of her journey of discovery about the Holy Spirit.

The Pentecost Pilgrimage is the brainchild of Brisbane Catholic Martin Brennan. In just a few weeks he and his team, with the support of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, have put together a sparkling line-up of international speakers who are providing a series of thought-provoking free online talks until Pentecost on May 31. As well as the internationally-acclaimed Dr Ralph Martin, Dr Mary Healy and Robert Falzon of menALIVE, the program also includes Archbishop Julian and two Sisters of the Immaculata, Sr Mary Immanuel Blenkinsopp and Sr John Mary Alimangohan.

Mrs Ovari has made the pilgrimage part of her daily routine. She joins the Sisters of the Immaculata online for the daily Rosary at 10am, and then listens to a Pentecost Pilgrimage talk.

“It is accessible and do-able, and it has made me think a lot more deeply about the Holy Spirit,” Mrs Ovari said. “Jesus has always been my focus, more than the Holy Spirit, but this has made me realise exactly how important the Holy Spirit is. I will pray to the Holy Spirit more and make Him a more important part of my life. I talk to Jesus, so I can talk with the Holy Spirit.”

Mrs Ovari has found that the speakers relatable and urged others to join the pilgrims.

“I like that so many countries from around the world are participating in this,” Mrs Ovari added.

“My advice to others is, this is time well spent, wherever you are on your faith journey. It is inspiring and helpful and I am just realising how important it is to make the Holy Spirit part of our lives.”

It’s not too late to join the Pentecost Pilgrimage, which runs until May 31. Register now at pentecostpilgrimage.com and join thousands from around the world journeying together towards Pentecost.