Strong bonds of faith and friendship

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Strong bonds of faith and friendship

Living the gospel in the spirit of Presentation Sisters’ foundress Nano Nagle and developing bonds of association through spiritual formation and dedicated Christian ministry are the guiding principles underpinning the Associates of the Presentation Sisters.

Almost 24 years after the group was established in Tasmania, those bonds of faith and friendship are as strong as ever.

This was evident in the happy gathering of Associates and friends for a shared picnic lunch and prayer in the Legana garden of northern state co-ordinator Anne Coull.

“We have developed strong bonds,” Anne said.

“In our praying together, we know that we are in a safe environment and can share what is happening as we reach the latter years of our lives.

“It is this support that encourages and enables us to reach out to others in our daily situations and so we continue our journey together as Presentation Associates in Tasmania.”

Tasmania has 52 Associates in two groups – one in Launceston and one in Hobart.

The groups meet between February and November, sharing meals, prayer and reflections. Each year the northern group attends a moving Mass of Remembrance at Riverside, celebrated by Fr Martin Aye Ngwe of the West Tamar Parish, for deceased Associates and Sisters. Other annual events include a trivia fundraiser in winter and celebrating the Feast of the Presentation of Mary in November.

Honora ‘Nano’ Nagle founded the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ireland in 1775, dedicating her life to the poor and the oppressed. The first Presentation sisters arrived in Tasmania in October, 1866.

Moves to form groups of Associates of the Presentation Sisters in Australia began in 1988. Over the next few years, groups were formed in Victoria, Queensland, NSW, Tasmania and Western Australia. Many of the Associates were taught by the Presentation Sisters or had children who were educated by the Sisters.

New Associates are most welcome. For further information about the Associates of the Presentation Sisters in Tasmania, please contact Anne Coull (Launceston) on 6330 2502 or 0438 590 231; or Ann Stanfield (Hobart) on 6231 1979 or 0417 285 040.

Image: Attending a picnic for Associates of the Presentation Sisters in Legana are (back, from left): Kathy Aldred, Sr Elizabeth Vagg, Betty Jones, Liz Randles, Elaine Randles, Elaine Grieve, Sr Marie Connolly, Wendy Fittler and Anne Coull; and (front) Pat Cameron, Doreen Radin, Beryl Tiernan, Valmay Goodluck, Jan Ferrall, Mary Jones, Patricia McCarthy and Beryl Hastings.