State Catholics Come Together

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State Catholics Come Together
DPC 2012 at St Patrick's College

The Diocesan Pastoral Council (DPC) had a most productive meeting at St Patrick’s College in Prospect on March 24.

The Archbishop was with the group all day as various scenarios were explored, progress noted, connections made, and the future pondered. A lovely lunch was shared and a very open interchange took place. There was a real sense of the Tasmanian Church coming together with a common aim. 


Discussions covered the introduction of an internet communication forum for DPC members; support for the reinvigoration of the Archdiocesan website and the move to Facebook for the Archdiocese. The Season of Joy promotion through Easter till Pentecost is a very exciting initiative of the DPC, which is also working on the promotion of Adult Faith Formation and acknowledgement of lay ministry. 

This current body started in 2008 when the Archbishop gathered representatives of parishes and Catholic organisations to meet in Launceston for 2 days. From this initial meeting came the wonderful Vision and Mission statement that guides the Church in Tasmania. Another suggestion was the reintroduction of a Diocesan Pastoral Council. (There had previously been an active council in Tasmania but, with the passing of Archbishop Guilford Young and in line with Canon Law, the council was disbanded.)

Archbishop Doyle then invited parishes and organisations to send representatives to the inaugural meeting of the new Diocesan Pastoral Council, which was held at St Patricks College in Launceston in September  2010. There are three planning team members, currently  Patrick Nisbet of the Cathedral Parish, Maria Walker representative for Centacare Tasmania and Doug Dougherty of Burnie /Wynyard parish. The DPC meets two or three times a year and discusses issues of importance or concern to the Archbishop and issues raised at the organisational or parish level.