Star teacher with star students

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Star teacher with star students
Principal Trish Philips with ipad students

ACEL Award winning teacher, Cassandra O’Neil, has chosen to spend the first years of her teaching career in the school where she was a student. She teaches grades five and six at Star of the Sea Catholic College at George Town. In her second year at the school, she has been chosen to undertake a pilot project for Catholic Education in Tasmania using the iPad2 in schools.

When we visited her class, she was on her honeymoon and will return soon as Mrs King. The children were all very happy to receive an email from her on their iPad2s. Her main message to them was “Keep it cool and make Jesus real!” That’s real dedication and love of her students and Catholic Education!

Miss O’Neil has installed some excellent apps for the students - certainly to be entertained - but mainly to further not just their own education but, in the case of ‘tech-buddies’, the education of the younger prep students. The children are grateful to have such an innovative teacher and really appreciate the legacy left by the late Steve Jobs.

Jack, originally from Scotland, loves the Maps app where he can easily locate places all over the world; Tenille’s favourite is a Times Table quiz; Erin is learning more about Mathematics with Maths Doodles and Alexander has been creating a profile of himself using Keynotes. Students can email their homework to school, make videos, tune their guitars and even warp your reporter’s image to create digital art!

Principal, Mrs Tricia Phillips, is most supportive and proud of this teacher and class and is looking forward to the forthcoming connection of George Town to the National Broadband Scheme. George Town is set to be the first site in the Northern region to be connected and it is obvious that Star of the Sea Catholic College is one school that will be definitely well prepared for the opportunities this will provide!