St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal

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St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal

The St Vincent de Paul Society is experiencing a high demand for their services as individuals and families across Southern Tasmania struggle financially this winter.

“With rising costs and being caught in the cycle of debt, many are not surviving financially,” said St Vincent de Paul State President, Mr Vin Hindmarsh at the launch of the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal 2012 at Guilford Young College.

“We find they are behind in their bills and run the risk of having such essentials as electricity cut off.”

One family, after fairly typical fortnight’s expenditure, were down to less than $ 5.00 in their bank account.

“While all other bills are paid and there is enough food for the fortnight, they are going backward to the tune of 100.00 per month due to the full limit on their credit card.”

“No person wants to suffer the debilitating effects of poverty. Not knowing how you’ll pay next month’s rent or where this week’s groceries will come from isn’t something anyone wants to go through - especially a family.”

Both parents and children will do everything they can to keep their family’s heads above water, exhausting all opportunities and options along the way. And when everything else proves futile, there’s still the hope that the problem will magically disappear, because the reality is simply too distressing to accept.

Mr Hindmarsh said there is no magic solution to poverty.  It takes compassion, commitment, money and donors to help St Vincent de Paul to assist families in crisis.

This winter, Vinnies commitment to helping those affected by poverty is more essential than ever. The continuing global economic crisis, the lack of opportunities within the State coupled with an increasing unemployment rate and high rents mean many will struggle to make ends meet.

Home Visitation, practical assistance, education and recreational programs and accommodation services are all funded through the generous donations of those in a position to help.

Members of the Tasmanian community are being asked to make a difference by donating to the Vinnies 2012 Winter Appeal.

“With this much-needed help Vinnies can continue to change lives every day,” said Mr Hindmarsh.

To donate, please visit: