Sisters of the Immaculata, Sr Maria Faustina

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Sisters of the Immaculata, Sr Maria Faustina

Introducing young people to a personal relationship with God, is one of the many rewarding aspects of being a member of the Sisters of the Immaculata, for Sr Maria Faustina.

Now 20 years old, Sr Maria Faustina first met the Sisters at the Immaculata Mission School in 2011.

“When my mum mentioned it to us, at first we weren’t too keen about spending the summer at this ‘school,’ [but] to my surprise, it turned out to be one of the best things she ever did for me and my siblings,” Sr Maria Faustina recalled.

“I discovered the richness and beauty of the Catholic Church, and the meaning and power of the Sacraments came alive to me [and] for the first time, I met young people who were proud of their faith.”

After this encounter, Sr Maria Faustina particularly enjoyed spending time with God in Eucharistic Adoration and at 18, and after much contemplation, entered the convent in February 2014.

Today Adoration is still one of her favourite parts of being a Sister.

“It was Adoration that eventually drew me to the Sisters of the Immaculata [and] is what I love about being a Sister in this community,” Sr Maria Faustina said.

“I was always worrying about the future, [and about] all the things that I needed to get done.

“It was in Adoration that I learnt to just be in the present moment.”

The Sisters of the Immaculata established a community in Hobart in 2013, with their charism of spiritual renewal of parishes through Eucharistic Adoration and faith formation.
Since that time the community has been involved with establishing a regular roster of Eucharistic Adoration, youth groups, sacramental preparation, children’s adoration, catechesis events, and regular Fire Retreats (parish based weekends for young adults).

In January 2016 the community will hold its first Tasmanian based Immaculata Mission School, to encourage young adults to share and learn more about their faith.

Sr Maria Faustina, who has been in the community for 21 months, said being an Immaculata Sister was a gift.

“What has made it an amazing gift is being able to really take time to know myself, and journey with other faith-filled women who like me are also seeking to put God first by aspiring to love and serve him and his people.”

Sr Maria Faustina is currently studying theology as part of her formation and said she was looking forward to serving the young people at the Mission School in January.

For more information on the 2016 Immaculata Mission School, which will be held at the Lea Scout Centre, at Kingston, from January 1 to 10, click here