Schools report ‘disappointing’

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Schools report ‘disappointing’

The Tasmanian Catholic Education sector has expressed disappointment at a report released by the Australian Government Primary Schools Association (AGAPA) that looks at funding of schools, and how public education has changed in Australia.

Director of Catholic Education in Tasmania John Mula, said the AGAPA Report uses selective, misleading and inaccurate information to cast government and non-government schools as competitors, rather than partners in Australia’s educational landscape.

“The report draws on questionable assumptions and ideological arguments, and has unfortunately repeated false assertions from earlier publications,” he said.

“The report has failed to provide a useful platform from which school funding can be discussed, and risks undermining the great strides made in collaboration between all sectors of the education community nationally and in Tasmania.

“It is particularly disappointing to see divisions being created when in Tasmania AGAPA work closely with their Catholic and independent primary principal association colleagues in contributing to the Tasmanian activities of the overarching Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA), as evidenced by the successful national APPA conference held in Hobart in September this year.”

Mr Mula said the debate on school funding is an important one and the Catholic Education sector has been advocating strongly for sustainable, needs-based funding for all schools beyond 2017.

“Everyone involved in school education should be focused on meeting the needs of every student,” he said.

“Equitable funding policy must aim to support the needs of students in all schools, rather than stripping funding from Catholic and independent schools.

“Inciting division between schools runs counter to the goal of educational collaboration.”