REALdignitytas Website Launched

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REALdignitytas Website Launched

A website presenting a forum for eminent Tasmanians to share their professional opinions on the harms and risks to individuals and society associated with removal of the legal prohibition on euthanasia and assisted suicide has been recently launched in Tasmania.

REALdignitytas gives a voice to those who are well informed about the issues relating to euthanasia and assisted suicide which is soon to be yet again be debated through a discussion paper to be released by the Premier of Tasmania later this year.

A number of senior lawyers, including the Rev Fr Michael Tate, medical specialists, such as oncologist Prof Ray Lowenthal, the Australian Medical Association (Tasmanian Branch) and philosophical perspectives.

The site also answers a number of questions which under-pin the pro-euthanasia argument and debates that the legalisation of physician assisted suicide or euthanasia could potentially compromise choice and autonomy. In addition, the current euthanasia debate has largely ignored many issues for people on the margins and such people cannot be adequately protected.

REALdignitytas draws away from the populist thinking of simply viewing euthanasia and assisted suicide as personal choice, giving a depth of qualified and experienced information for those wishing to be properly informed in an otherwise emotional debate.

More more information please visit realdignitytas.