Parish dinners an important part of Community Life in New Norfolk

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Parish dinners an important part of Community Life in New Norfolk

Monthly parish dinners have been an important way for central Tasmania Parish Administrator, Fr Jaison Kuzihyl, to get to know the Catholic Community in the Derwent Valley.

“For the (St Peter’s) parish of New Norfolk, monthly shared meals at the presbytery are an effective way to get to know people more closely,” Fr Jaison said.

“People who attend these meals are not only the regular parishioners but their friends, family and relatives, who could be the potential future members of our Parish Community.”

“Meals can be a means of coming together, sharing and caring for each other.”

Fr Jaison, who is originally from India, arrived in Tasmania last year after working at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital at Broken Bay.

“When I first came here, I was missing my home and Tasmania was cold when I came,” he said.

Since then Fr Jaison has immersed himself into community life in spite of occasionally missing his homeland.

Community outings and events have been integral to the relationship between Fr Jaison and the people of New Norfolk.

“Here in New Norfolk with community members, I go fishing and to community clubs,” he said.

“These relationships are so important.”

The close-knit community also has a strong relationship with St Brigid’s Catholic School, which celebrated its 90th Anniversary recently, with Archbishop Julian.

“The presence of St Brigid's Catholic School for the past 90 years has been an invaluable asset to the Catholic Church at New Norfolk,” Fr Jaison said.

As he looks to 2016, Fr Jaison has great expectations and hopes for the community.

“I hope and pray that this church may be a living presence for many more people who are looking for comfort, consolation and healing,” Fr Jaison said.

“The message that I try to give people is that this parish is a great place to pray, meet, greet and feast...”

“We can see how people have already responded to our friendship and fellowship.”

See some photos of Fr Jaison and his parishioners enjoying monthly shared meals here!