Ordination of Deacon Paul Crowe

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Ordination of Deacon Paul Crowe
Ordination of Deacon Paul Crowe

Serving the people of God – Ordination of Deacon Paul Crowe

The ordination of Paul Crowe to the permanent diaconate was a joyous occasion witnessed by a vibrant Catholic community from whose ranks Paul has come. It was the second such ordination in Tasmania, the first being Nick McFarlane’s five years ago. As senior deacon, Nick wants to encourage many more men to take on this role and hopes that the next will be much closer than five years away.

“Believe what you read, teach what you believe and practice what you teach.” Thus are deacons exhorted as they are presented with the Book of the Gospels during their ordination liturgy.

In the ceremony at Launceston’s Church of the Apostles on September 4, the Archbishop told Paul that now he ‘must not only listen to God’s Word’ but he is also to preach it.

The contemporary event was linked with the original Apostles when the Archbishop laid hands on Paul and this continuity with the ancient and continuing tradition of the Church was echoed by the choir singing the litany of the saints and Adoramus Te Domine.

The lovely singing from both the choir and the assembly, the sounds of the organ and other instruments, the smells of incense, the presence of many priests of the Archdiocese, three seminarians, three deacons (including Deacon Paul Simmons from the Broken Bay Diocese and Deacon Greg Kerr from Newcastle-Maitland Diocese) and two servers on the altar all combined to mark the solemnity of occasion. The words of the hymns, including Christ be our Light, Come to the feast point to Paul’s spirituality and concern for social justice.

Paul’s family smiled proudly and lovingly as Paul received the Sacrament of Orders. They helped robe him in the deacon’s stole and dalmatic. He paid tribute to the love and encouragement of his wife Gordana, their children and other members of his family. (Gordana had been asked to give written permission before the ordination could take place). Paul also thanked everyone involved in his formation and in the celebration which filled the Church of the Apostles.
We wish Paul God’s blessings in his new role as he continues to minister among us.


*If you are interested in becoming a Deacon please contact our Deacon Nick MacFarlane on 0418 242 010 or use this contact form.