New interstate post for Fr Frank Bertagnolli

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New interstate post for Fr Frank Bertagnolli

Dominic College Rector Fr Frank Bertagnolli will return to Melbourne in the new year.

Fr Frank was Dominic College Rector and Principal from 1978-1981, before being recalled to Melbourne to become Provincial of the Salesians.

He then returned to Tasmania six years ago again as Rector of Dominic College and of the Salesian community.
Fr Frank said while starting afresh was never easy, it was part of life as a Salesian and something he had much experience in.

“…Pope Francis has often insisted on a “missionary” Church – a Church on the move, allowing our God to lead us,” he said.

“It is for us to serve and not to question God’s will.
“I take with me great memories of wonderful people, committed clergy and fellow Christians, wonderful experiences of pastoral ministry and of education, so many loyal past students and grateful families.”
Dominic College Principal Beth Gilligan said Fr Frank would be greatly missed.

“He has been a wonderful advocate for the College, a source of deep spiritual guidance and ever faithful to the mission of Don Bosco,” she said. 

“Fr Frank will be greatly missed by all in our community for his kindness, compassion, ready listening ear and his astute advice.”

One of Fr Frank’s last official duties in Tasmania will be the celebration of the traditional Dominic College old scholars Christmas Eve Mass, to which the community is also invited.

He will then take up his new position, in a similar role, at Salesian College in Chadstone. 

The Dominic College Rector position will be taken over by Fr Peter Rankin, who Fr Frank described as “an experienced Salesian with the heart of Don Bosco.”