New chapel for St Mary’s College

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New chapel for St Mary’s College
L-R:St Mary’s College Principal Tom Dorey, Emeritus Archbishop Adrian Doyle, Archbishop Julian Porteous and Fr Shammi Perera.

Emeritus Archbishop Adrian Doyle was honoured recently when the new St Mary’s College chapel was blessed and named after him.

A St Mary’s College old scholar, Archbishop Doyle attended the school in 1942 and 1943 and said it was wonderful to return for such an important occasion.

“Seeing my name on the wall reminds me of the honour of being made the person after whom a chapel is nominated, [and that] it is a very important obligation and a very important commission that I have been given,” he said.

“It is nice to be remembered in this way.”

“Thank you very much and I look forward to the occasion sometime in the future when I may be able to come here and celebrate Mass for the school.”

St Mary’s College Principal Tom Dorey said the chapel, which was a former dormitory, had been a long awaited project.

“It’s always been in the hearts and minds, certainly of the Presentation Sisters, for a long while,” he said.

Aimed at being a bright and simple place of contemplation, the Adrian Doyle Chapel will later include stained glass windows representing the story of Creation, Nano Nagle and The Presentation Sisters.

“We wanted to keep it very simple, very clean lines, just a quiet space were staff and students can come,” Mr Dorey said.

Mr Dorey said Archbishop Julian, who blessed the chapel, had also been delighted with the idea of naming the chapel after Archbishop Doyle.

In blessing the chapel, Archbishop Julian also recognised the feast day of St Charles Borromeo, which fell on the same day.

“St Charles had a particular awareness of the beauty and dignity of the sacred liturgy [and] he was active in a renewal of the liturgy in his day, so it is fitting this chapel is blessed on his feast day,” he said.

Archbishop Julian said he hoped the chapel would be a place where Jesus touched the hearts of the students and staff of St Mary’s College.

“May the students discover that this is a place where they can come to pray, to meditate and find that God’s love reaches out to them,” he said.

“May the students find comfort in times of distress and peace in the midst of turmoil…may their hearts be moved to trust in God.”