New Book launched by Dr David Daintree

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New Book launched by Dr David Daintree

The primary importance of Christianity to western civilisation is the focus of a new book, Soul of the West – Christianity and the Great Tradition, written by Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies Director David Daintree.

Dr Daintree said the influence of Christianity on western civilisation was immense and something that could not be ignored.

“You can’t begin to understand western culture in isolation from the story of Christ and his Church,” he said.

“The influence of Christianity on science, law, government, philosophy, literature, language and on our sense of social obligation has been quite literally immense.”

Dr Daintree said traditional culture and western civilisation, along with the Christian faith, was in great danger of being cast aside.

“Today we are in the midst of a struggle sometimes known as the Culture Wars:  powerful elements in our society want to minimise or even extinguish the influence of Christianity in education and to downplay its role in history,” he said.

“The traditional culture and civilisation of the west has never before been in such grave danger of being overwhelmed and cast aside [and] equally imperilled is the Christian faith that has been its creative principle, its very soul.

“This book is a modest attempt to encourage those who are determined not only to resist the winds of change but to go on the offensive against them.”

Dr Daintree established the Dawson Centre in 2013, with the support of Archbishop Julian, as a means of asserting the importance of the Catholic intellectual tradition.

Archbishop Julian praised Dr Daintree’s new book and his work through the Dawson Centre.

“David has produced a very stimulating monograph entitled Soul of the West:  Christianity and the Great Tradition,” Archbishop Julian said.

“David has been the driving force behind the Dawson Centre and, through it, has offered Tasmania a source for intellectual reflection on our culture, both in terms of what we have inherited and in what we now experience as challenges to preserving its great strengths.”

Profits from the sale of the book will be donated to the Dawson Centre and to order or for more information email