National Excellence at Dominic

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National Excellence at Dominic
Jeff Thomas and Beth Gilligan

Congratulations to Dominic College teacher, Mr Jeff Thomas, who has won a prestigious NEiTA (National Excellence in Teaching Awards) award.

It was announced late on November 26 that Jeff is one of only two Tasmanians to receive a NEiTA award in 2012; a first for Dominic College.

60 Australian teachers and leaders have received recognition through the NEiTA 2012 ASG Inspirational Teaching State and Territory Awards. These inspirational teachers and leaders work across the spectrum of education sectors from early childhood to secondary schooling, teaching students with varied learning needs, and in specialised subject areas.

Jeff’s most innovative educational work began three years ago when the school’s principal suggested he start a program to reconnect with the school’s disengaged learners. Subsequently, Jeff has developed the Magone program, which targets students who have become disengaged from mainstream learning and are at high risk of dropping out of school.

The Magone program is a full-time, goals-based intervention program, which runs until students have reached their goals, usually at around 12 months. Students then move back into mainstream education with higher levels of resilience, better learning capabilities, and clear pathways to achievement.

The wider educational community has recognised the work that Jeff is doing and several principals have visited the school to observe his unique methods. The University of Tasmania is also encouraging Jeff to embark on a doctoral research project to record the pedagogy of the Magone program.

The Dominic community is extremely proud of Jeff’s dedication and accomplishment. We have always known that he is an amazing teacher, and now the rest of Australia knows too. Principal, Beth Gilligan, is pictured congratulating Jeff.

To look at Jeff’s profile as a NEiTA 2012 ASG Inspirational Teaching State and Territory Award recipient see below: