Music in the Cathedral

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Music in the Cathedral
Peter Warren and jamie Allen at the Concert on Tuesday January 10.

It's interesting being at a concert where most of the audience has its back to the performers. That's what happens when there is an organ recital at St Mary's Cathedral. Luckily, the music is so magnificent and the cathedral ambience so tranquil and beautiful, no one seems to mind.

Peter Warren (pictured left) was the first organist in the annual summer series of the Hobart Organ Society. Churches of several denominations are hosting some of Hobart's most accomplished musicians on Tuesdays and Thursdays in January. Details are in our calendar of events.

Peter's program was varied from Panis Angelicus to Finlandia and many others. Panis Angelicus  and Solvieg's Lied were sung by guest artist Jamie Allen (pictured with Peter), both the director of Music at the Cathedral and a fine tenor. The large audience was most appreciative of the great melodies and tonality that Peter obtained from the organ; Jamie's singing and the wonderful setting. 

The Cathedral and the new Cathedral Centre will also host music performances during the MONA FOMA in the coming two weeks.