Moonah-Lutana retreat aimed at senior parish members

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Home > Media > News > Moonah-Lutana retreat aimed at senior parish members
Moonah-Lutana retreat aimed at senior parish members

A special retreat for seniors was held in the Moonah-Lutana parish recently.

The 'Seasons in the Heart’ retreat run by Brother John Walker gave it's more mature participants a chance to develop a greater understanding of their spirituality in ageing, in the context of their own experiences and history.

Experienced in aged care and based in Canberra, Br John said the seniors retreat met a great need amongst often overlooked parish elders.

"The aged in our secular Australian society are not revered as in other cultures," he said.

"The retreats are always a huge success and for most people it is meeting a need."

Br John also provided a retreat for aged religious, who he said also faced a range of challenges in their senior years.
Moonah-Lutana Parish Priest Fr Stephen Hackett said the idea for the retreats came to him while working in Brisbane, where it was decided it was time to give something back to senior parish members.

"There was recognition that the parish did very little for seniors, they were just there all the time and we discerned that after all they had given over so many decades to the life of the parish,  it was timely the parish gave something back," he said.

"This really is an effort to offer something in the realm of spirituality to the seniors that reflects the latter years of life and ageing, addresses some of those issues and provides them with a theological and spiritual framework to live through those years."