How I Met Our Mother

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How I Met Our Mother

By Tomasz Juszczak, Director of the Office of Youth Evangelisation

It’s a beautiful work of providence that Mother’s Day happens to be celebrated in the month of May in Australia. Our Church dedicates the month of May to Mary, our mother. Earlier in my life, Mary’s spiritual motherhood was not something I experienced in a tangible way. It sounded nice but that was about as far as it went. That was until she started to work concretely in my life.

My first real experience of Mary’s motherhood came while I was overseas, during what was probably the most difficult part of my life. I was on a Euro trip on my own and circumstances had led me to detour to Lourdes. It was an unusual decision, given that the main objective of this six month trip was to party – but it was clearly inspired. It was during my stay in Lourdes that I had a real sense I was being led on a journey that eventually brought me to the sacrament of Confession for the first time in years. I received a great peace and felt Mary’s motherly love during that time, and it was from this point my life began to change.

After returning to Australia, I was encouraged to attend a weekly holy hour of adoration with the rosary. I was still struggling with parts of the faith, but I decided to go along. The first night wasn’t too successful. I lasted 10 minutes before I left out of boredom and frustration. However, something kept pulling me back each week and I found I was able to last longer each time. It got to a point where I could not only last the full hour, but I started to enjoy praying the rosary. I was growing closer to God through Mary’s continual care and guidance.

I started to involve Mary in as much of my life as possible. I asked her for help in struggles, decision-making, even things as small as finding a parking spot (which in Sydney is like gold). Nothing that concerns a child is too insignificant for a mother who loves them. She worked genuine miracles in my life and never stopped. When I would share stories of Mary’s intercession in my daily life my friends would joke that Mary must really love me. They were right. But not only me, she loves you, and like most mothers, Mary wants to be involved in all parts of your life. You just need to invite her in and I guarantee, she will look after you with the greatest care imaginable.