Homecoming Mass for Fr Stefan Matuszek

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Homecoming Mass for Fr Stefan Matuszek

It has been a long journey for Fr Stefan Matuszek, who is visiting Hobart after seven years of training for the priesthood at St Vianney College in Wagga Wagga.

Fr Matuszek was ordained on Monday September 15 at St Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Lismore, the diocese where he will serve as a priest.

Last Sunday he returned to Hobart to celebrate Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral.

Having grown up in Nieka, he describes the experience as a kind of homecoming.

“I was so looking forward to coming back and offering Mass at the cathedral where I grew up,” he said.

Fr Matuszek’s calling to the priesthood came to him as something of a surprise.

“It came out of the blue, it hit me like a semi-trailer,” he said.

“I spoke to a priest about it, then I spoke to my family.

“God’s providence works in mysterious ways.”

Fr Matuszek speaks of his trust in God, as well as his hopes for his own ministry.

“My message not only to the young people of Tasmania, but anyone really, is that God loves us absolutely and that we should never be afraid of his calling,” he said.

“I hope that God gives me the grace to be a good confessor and to bring his mercy to many people, to be faithful in prayer, to help many people in prayer and to bring their petitions to him, and to offer Mass for the people and to bring them God’s grace that way.”

For Fr Matuszek’s parents, Anna and Tadeusz Matuszek, having a son in the priesthood has been an enormous source of joy.

“It began when he went into the seminary,” Mr Matuszek said.

“We were privileged enough to meet some of the young seminarians during the holidays.

“It gave us an insight into the life of formation at the seminary and having that insight was a fantastic way of deepening our family faith.”

Mr Matuszek was adamant about the blessings of the priesthood.

“I’d recommend that every family send a son to the seminary,” he said.

“The impact that it has is such a blessing, it reinvigorates your family.”

Mrs Matuszek also spoke in glowing terms on her son’s ordination and its impact on her family, and on the Polish community, of which Fr Matuszek is a part.

“Him being away hasn’t been a problem for me, it may be even easier for me, because he has a lot of other mums in other parishes,” she said.

“It enriches our Catholic faith - as well as their learning, you learn as well.”

“The Polish community [in Hobart] is very happy [and] he has many prayers and the good will of the Polish community.”

For Fr Matuszek, it’s serving young people in the community which matters the most.

“God seems to have given me the gift of working with young people,” he said.

“I just want to be what a good priest should be, a bridge between God and his people.”

You can watch the highlights of the mass he celebrated at St Mary's Cathedral here!