Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School Fire

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Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School Fire
Four Tasmania Fire Service crews extinguished the fire on Monday evening.

A deliberately lit fire has caused extensive damage to a building comprising four classrooms at Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School in Claremont.

The fire on Monday evening destroyed two general learning classrooms, with two other classrooms suffering from smoke and water damage. The school is insured and was unoccupied at the time of the fire.

“Any fire to a school community is devastating, especially in this community because it is a growing community. It [the school] is the centre of the Catholic community here in the Claremont Parish, so it’s very important to the community,” said Acting Executive Director of Catholic Education Tasmania, Sean Gill.

“Property can be replaced. No one was hurt, and that’s the important thing.”

Mr Gill said planning is underway to minimise disruption to students returning from holidays on 6 February.

“We are looking logistically at what we can do to get classroom facilities for students returning [to school]. In the first instance we’ll be looking at how to accommodate students with the facilities we have got [on site], and then look at some temporary accommodation in the long-term as we believe it will be a year-long process [to re-build].

Mr Gill said support mechanisms are in place for staff and students.

“Counselling will be provided to students and staff who require it, and the school will also offer some educative processes around what has occurred. Staff are devastated at the news, especially those whose classrooms were affected [by the fire]. We are working closely with staff to help them process what has happened.”

Mr Gill thanked Tasmania Fire Service personnel, and asked the community to respect the ongoing investigation by police.