Historic anniversary celebrated

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Historic anniversary celebrated

On Saturday, October 29 more than 100 people gathered at St James Catholic College to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the arrival of the first Sisters of St Joseph to the township of Cygnet. Guests included six of the current Sisters of St Joseph.

The Sisters of St Joseph first arrived in Cygnet to teach at St Mary’s School (on the site of the present School House Coffee shop) in 1896. The Sisters taught subsequently in the heritage listed red brick classrooms, which were built in 1921 and still stand in the present day school.

In 1955, the Sisters moved into a new block of six classrooms and the Christian Brothers took over the red brick building from the Sisters and there they taught boys from Year 5 upwards.

In 1976 the two educational institutions, St James Parish School and Lourdes Hill Agricultural College were combined. The school name was changed to St James College.

Principal of St James College, Anne Foale, said the Sisters of St Joseph have made an immense contribution to the foundation and continual development of the College, and the wider Cygnet community.

“Those first and subsequent Sisters walked into the simple classrooms of the time and came with a commitment to teach the Catholic faith, a dedication to teach the important skills of reading, writing and arithmetic and a heartfelt desire to form and develop each child to be an upstanding and respected member of their community, “ Ms Foale said.

Celebrations included guided tours of the College; high tea catered by the College Hospitality students, and musical ensembles and solos performed by the College’s music students.