Gospel Matters: Evangelisation as the Divine Romance

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Gospel Matters: Evangelisation as the Divine Romance

Evangelisation is basically a three-phase process akin to a romance: courtship, engagement, and marriage. The ‘courtship’ process begins with the proclamation of the core Gospel message, or Kerygma, and the initial faith which it evokes within the hearer. This faith leads the person to make a commitment to Christ as a new believer. The ‘engagement’ phase takes the form of learning about Christ and salvation, His Church, etc. It involves changing one’s moral life and beginning a life of prayer. As every engagement is ordered to marriage, this spiritual ‘engagement’ leads to nuptial union with Christ through the sacraments. The third phase of evangelisation involves a spiritual ‘marriage’ where the newly-formed believer is regenerated through Baptism, and brought to nuptial union in the Eucharist where Christ the divine bridegroom offers a total gift of Himself to the newly-baptised believer. As with every human marriage where spouses give themselves totally to each other, so too in this spiritual marriage the believer reciprocates Christ’s gift in the Eucharist with a complete self-offering to Christ.

John Paul II wrote, “The Eucharist…appears as both the source and the summit of all evangelisation.” The Eucharist is the source of evangelisation because it is the memorial of Christ’s death and Resurrection through which he initiates the New Creation and the Nuptial Union of Himself with the Church. The Eucharist is the summit of evangelisation for it is the goal of the Christian life. We evangelise to bring people to Christ present in the Eucharist. In proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we proclaim the Eucharistic Christ. Is it any wonder the early Christians called the Eucharist ‘the wedding supper of the Lamb’? The divine romance between Christ and the human person, begun with the proclamation of the Gospel, is perfected when the believer receives Christ in the Blessed Eucharist.

By Dr Christine Wood, Director of the Office of Evangelisation