Fiftieth Anniversary of Vatican II’s Dei Verbum

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Fiftieth Anniversary of Vatican II’s Dei Verbum

On November 18, the Church will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of the Second Vatican Council’s Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, entitled Dei Verbum. This document was a significant milestone in the Church’s understanding of how God reveals himself to humankind throughout salvation history. Notably, the document explains its purpose: “so that by hearing the message of salvation the whole world may believe, by believing it may hope, and by hoping it may love.”

The Council Fathers explain that “the study of the sacred page is, as it were, the soul of sacred theology.” Hence, the ministry of the Word—pastoral preaching, catechetics, all Christian instruction, and the liturgical homily—must be nourished by Scripture. The Church encourages all the faithful—including the laity—to become scripturally literate, for regular immersion in Scripture draws us deeper in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

To mark this anniversary, the Archdiocese’s Verbum Domini Biblical & Catechetical Institute, in conjunction with the St John Centre for Biblical Studies, will offer a seminar on Dei Verbum. Speakers will be Dr Christine Wood on ‘The Significance of Vatican II’s Constitution on Divine Revelation for Us Today,’ and Archbishop Porteous on ‘The Word of God: Living and Active throughout Salvation History,’ on Wednesday  November 18 (7-9 pm) at St Mary’s Cathedral, Hobart. If you wish to study Scripture from the Catholic perspective outlined in Dei Verbum, the St John Centre will offer an eight hour Intensive Course on The Gospel Through the Eyes of St Mark on Saturday and Sunday November 21-22 (10am-2.30pm) in the Murphy Room, Diocesan Centre, 35 Tower Road, New Town. The intensive course will cost $60/person. Bring your Bibles and lunch. Register here or contact Dr Christine Wood on 6208-6236

This is a great opportunity to learn Scripture in a Catholic context.