Faith, fun and fundraising on feast day

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Faith, fun and fundraising on feast day

Big-hearted students from St Brigid’s Catholic School at Wynyard commemorated their patron saint recently by focusing on helping others.

They raised money for mission work, gave thanks to all who contributed to the school’s charism, and held a sports day.
St Brigid’s feast day is in February, but as it is before the start of the academic year, the school celebrates the date in term 4 so that students can take part; and to coincide with the anniversary month of the laying of the school’s foundation stone by Archbishop Barry in 1922.

Religious education co-ordinator Janaya Plummer explained that the day was a chance to “celebrate the rich, unique and wonderful history” of the school, and learn more about their patron saint.

Students learned that St Brigid – an early Irish Christian saint who founded religious institutions for men and women, and was a friend of St Patrick – is remembered for her peace, compassion and kindness; bringing harmony to conflict, hope to the downcast and a voice for the sick, wounded and the weary.

Donations were placed on a ‘heart’ outline drawn at the school entrance, with students bringing in their pocket money, as well as donations from family members and friends. The funds raised were given to Caritas.

Image: Students from St Brigid’s School at Wynyard celebrate their feast day. Photo by Janaya Plummer