Disability no barrier to a successful career

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Disability no barrier to a successful career

Living with disability can pose many challenges, especially when it comes to employment.

But for 22 year old Julian Courtney, the chance to access professional employment support, has led to a chance at his dream career.

With the long-time aim of becoming a baker, Mr Courtney had been employed before but had challenges sustaining his apprenticeship.

After seeking assistance from BlueLine Employment service which specialises in helping clients living with disability find and maintain work, things changed for the better for him.

BlueLine Employment Consultant Anj Penneyston said Mr Courtney had a lot to offer, but was in need of some guidance and interview training.

With more skills in tow, Mr Courtney was interviewed by Banjos Bakery and after a work trial, secured the three-year Certificate III Retail Baker apprenticeship he had always hoped for.

Well-known for his reliability and punctuality, Mr Courtney has worked at Banjos for 18 months and  said he loved his work, even if it did mean 3.30 am starts.

“I like coming to work, it’s really good,” he said.

“I enjoy the hands on thing, I like to keep busy and it’s a bit of fun.”

The job also provides a positive social outlet for Mr Courtney.

Ms Penneyston said Mr Courtney, like many employees living with disability, had great skills to offer his employer.
A very capable worker, Mr Courtney received assistance with managing his working schedule and building his confidence, which has now grown in streams along with his work experience.

Banjos Sandy Bay Senior Baker Andrew Wiggins said Mr Courtney was a great asset to the staff.

“He is a good team player, is always here early and prepared to do what you ask of him,” he said.

Ms Penneyston said Mr Courtney, like many employees living with disability, had great skills to offer his employer.
BlueLine Employment is a Disability Employment Service of the Archdiocese of Hobart (funded by the Department of Social Services), which works by its own ethos with a large proportion of its own employees living with disability.

As part of International Day of Disability, BlueLine Employment Manager Jessamine Gibb encouraged all businesses to consider employing people living with disability.

“Many influential people throughout history have had disabilities, and it’s a shame to see people with great potential be discriminated against because some employers feel disability employment is a risk instead of an opportunity,” she said.

“Studies have shown employees with disabilities have less WorkCover claims, fewer absences, injure themselves less often in the workplace and are an asset to the organisation, not a burden.”