Demise of Religion? Not Yet

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Demise of Religion? Not Yet

Census figures on religion in Australia released last Thursday once again paint a picture of change in the religious composition of Australia.

The headline change of course is the rise in those declaring that they have ‘no religion’ from 18.7% to 22.3% of Australians. ‘No religion’ is the leading category of response in 5 of 8 capital cities – Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin. It also leads in 5 out of 8 states and territories – WA, SA, TAS, ACT, and the NT.

However, remember that to declare ‘no religion’ is not to claim to be an atheist. There were 31,000 Atheists in 2006 and the number for 2011 has not been released yet.


This looks like a tale of the demise of religion, but wait there is more, much more.

Read the full article by Gary Bouma on Eureka Street: