Connection to Church teaching crucial for Mother Mary Therese

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Connection to Church teaching crucial for Mother Mary Therese

Helping young people to discover meaning in their lives, and the love of God, are two of the goals of Mother Mary Therese, foundress of the Sisters of the Immaculata.

As a testament to this commitment, Mother Mary Therese made her Final Profession of Simple Vows recently at a Mass celebrated by Archbishop Julian at St Francis Xavier’s Church in South Hobart.

“I felt a great joy in being able to show my love for God and Our Blessed Mother by giving my life ‘forever’ to Him,” said Mother Mary Therese.

Reading from his Homily, Archbishop Julian encouraged Mother Mary Therese to ‘go forward with great faith.’
“May the Lord abundantly bless this gift in yourself…. Walk this path wherever it leads you. Let God take this offering that you make today and turn it into his own kind purposes,” His Grace said.

Mother Mary Therese was joined in her commitment by Sister John Mary, also a member of the Sisters of the Immaculata, who made her first Profession of Simple Vows in service of the Church earlier this month.

The discovery of meaning was the result of a period of searching for Mother Mary Therese, whose encounter with Catholicism as a young woman gave her a ‘profound peace’.

Now, she aims to inspire young Catholics through a connection to church teaching, particularly through Adoration, the recitation of the rosary and faith formation.
To help foster this connection, a ‘Mission School’ comprising a ten day retreat for young Catholics, will be held at the Lea Scout Centre in Kingston during January 2016.

“I would like to see young people discover that there is so much meaning to their lives and I want them to encounter God's love and fall in love with Him,” Mother Mary Therese said.

The mission school will involve prayer, worship and teaching from Archbishop Julian and other Catholic Speakers.

To register for the Immaculata Mission School, visit