Conciliation likely in anti-discrimination complaint

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Conciliation likely in anti-discrimination complaint

Archbishop Julian’s conciliatory statement in response to a complaint made about him to the State’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, has been welcomed by the complainant.

In a statement released this week, Greens candidate Martine Delany said she welcomed Archbishop Julian’s conciliatory statements, and had written to Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner.

“In light of the Archbishop’s comments, I wrote to the Commissioner requesting her to refer this matter to the conciliation process,” Ms Delaney said.

“I look forward to a positive resolution, and thank Archbishop Porteous for allowing this possibility.

“I wholeheartedly support the Catholic Church’s right to oppose marriage equality, and its right to voice its opposition.”
Archbishop Julian received notification from the Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner last week that a complaint made about him had been viewed as a possible breach of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 (Tas).

The complaint concerns the distribution of a statement by the Australian Catholic Bishops entitled Don’t Mess with Marriage to parents of students attending Catholic schools in Tasmania.

The Australian Bishops as author of the booklet has also been named as a respondent.

Archbishop Julian said his aim in distributing the booklet in Tasmania was to assist the Catholic community in understanding the teaching of the Catholic Church “at a time when debate [on marriage] was widespread within the community.”

“It was never the intention of the document or myself to in any way cause any distress for people,” he said.

His Grace regretted that offence had been taken by individuals and expressed his keenness to work with the Commission to resolve the matter.

“I’m very keen to see through the processes that are ahead of us and see if we can find a way forward particularly with the complainant Martine Delany,” he said.

“I’m very happy if we can arrange to meet through the offices of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner so that we might sit down and talk and see if we can find a resolution….and I hope I have an opportunity to do that.”