Clemente empowers and inspires students

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Clemente empowers and inspires students

While graduating from University is a proud moment for any student, it was the greatest sense of achievement for Maria Janabi and Ratachanee Chainuwong.

The pair were part of the first group of students to graduate with their Certificate in Liberal Studies, from the Clemente Program, which was launched by The University of Tasmania’s Faculty of Arts last year.

After immigrating to Tasmania from Iraq, Ms Janabi enrolled in the Clemente course to help improve her English, to learn more, to get to know others in the community and most importantly to create a new chapter for herself.

“I want to keep going with study as it is something good for the future.” Ms Janabi said.

“One day I would like to have better English and have a job in the community working with people.”

Thrilled at her achievement, Mrs Chainwong from Thailand said Clemente had brought many positives to her life.

“The course has given me the opportunity to prove to myself that I am capable of doing university study,” she said.

Designed to empower and inspire those most disadvantaged, the Clemente Program is a community engagement and pathway program that aims to break the cycle of poverty, inequity and social injustice for Australians facing multiple disadvantages and social isolation.

“Clemente Australia is a wonderful initiative that makes a very real and tangible contribution to Australians whose circumstances have limited their educational opportunities,” Archbishop Julian said.

“I would like to congratulate the nine students who have graduated with their Certificate in Liberal Studies. This is a wonderful achievement of which you can all be proud.”

Enrolments are now being taken for the next Clemente Program which begins in early 2017. For more information or to enrol contact Lorise Clark at the University of Tasmania by phoning 6226 1508.

Photo and story courtesy of the University of Tasmania.