Centacare Signs up to 26TEN

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Centacare Signs up to 26TEN

Centacare Tasmania is to help drive a new campaign to ensure Tasmanians have the basic skills to cope with the demands of everyday life.

Executive Director Tim Gourlay said Centacare had signed an agreement with Skills Tasmania to join the 26TEN initiative to improve adult literacy and numeracy.
“One in every two Tasmanian adults have trouble reading, writing or counting well enough to cope even with very basic things like filling in forms or adding up bills,” Mr Gourlay said.

“Centacare believes education is the key to breaking cycles of disadvantage and poverty and that’s why we were delighted through our Willson Training arm to sign up to 26TEN.”

26TEN takes its name from the 26 letters of the alphabet and 10 numbers.  The program aims to:
• Inform the community about adult literacy levels;
• Build understanding and shift community mindsets about the benefits of improving literacy; and
• Engage all Tasmanians to take action to improve literacy levels.

Willson Training Manager Jennifer Byrne said 26TEN offered new hope to Tasmanians struggling to overcome disadvantage.

“We see quite regularly in our training programs many people who lack confidence with written activities.

“In today’s workplace everyone needs to be able to read and write to get a job, as well as to undertake basic tasks of everyday living.

“26TEN brings together business, community organisations, individuals and government in a statewide collaboration to reduce stigma, raise awareness and drive action to achieve results.”

Photo: Flickr paulbence