Centacare Report Highlights Family Pressures

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Centacare Report Highlights Family Pressures

The annual report of Centacare Tasmania reveals the increasing pressures on the State’s families as the economic downturn hits home.

Executive Director Tim Gourlay said increases in demand for Centacare services showed difficult economic conditions were having a real impact on family living standards.

Centacare, the welfare arm of the Catholic Church, delivered services costing $13 million to around 5,000 Tasmanians in 2011-12.

Mr Gourlay said sharp increases in demand for tenancy support and counselling reflected the pressures on families.
“The demand for counselling rose across Tasmania by more than 27% in 2011-12 and for private rental tenancy support by more than 23%.

“While there are a range of factors contributing to the demand for counselling, families tend to have more problems when they are under pressure.

“The causes of the demand for tenancy support are more straight-forward – more and more people are struggling to pay the rent, pay other household bills, and feed their family.

“More of our clients said they were experiencing financial hardship and many indicated that increases in the cost of essentials like power and food were causing them difficulty.
“The increase in demand for tenancy support was particularly noticeable in the South, where the number of clients asking for help in some months more than doubled previous levels.

“Four out of five people who came to Centacare for rental assistance were first-time users of our services.  They had never been in this position before and without Centacare’s support they were at imminent risk of becoming homeless.”

You can view the report here:

Centacare Annual Report 2012