Catholic Women’s League, an important part of the Tasmanian community

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Catholic Women’s League, an important part of the Tasmanian community

Joining the Catholic Women’s League at George Town 13 years ago has proved to be a rewarding experience for Wendy Fittler.

Mrs Fittler, now a CWL State Vice-President, joined the League after she retired from teaching.

Little did she realise how much she would get out of being member and how involved she would become.

“I not only found that [CWL members] helped me to a greater understanding in my personal faith life, but they also gave me a greater confidence that I was on the right track in my life,” Mrs Fittler recalled. 

“Through participation in discussion and reflection in the meetings, these amazingly faith-filled ladies taught me so much of why things are done the way they are in our wonderful Catholic Church.

“Their friendship and support is very special to me.”
Mrs Fittler was branch president for ten years, until June this year and is now in her second term of office as vice-president.

She is particularly proud of the involvement of the CWL in social and justice issues.

“We have a voice on national and international levels, which helps promote justice for all, especially for women and family life,” Mrs Fittler said.

Branches are involved in various activities including charitable works, visits to hospitals and nursing homes, carrying out parish church ministries, support of families, and volunteering with Vinnies.

One of the challenges facing the CWL is its ageing membership.

“Because we are older, many younger women are reluctant to join us, believing we would have little or nothing in common – [that is] definitely not a fact!” Mrs Fittler said.

Sandra Harvey, who has been CWL State President since January, said some of the highlights of being a member for her had included the L’arche luncheon, a fund raiser for a Hobart-based group of adults living with disability; collecting books for children and young adults in Africa; and the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisation Day held at St John’s, Richmond.

Mrs Harvey also enjoys visiting all State branches and meeting current members, as well as former members now in aged care.

“Their shared anecdotes and warm welcome are a gentle reminder of the friendship of these Catholic women,” she said.

“I enjoy their company; they inspire me, they challenge me, they teach me.’’

There are 11 CWL branches around the State. To find out more phone 63 821 816 or visit