Catholic Schools Return for New School Year

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Catholic Schools Return for New School Year

Around 15, 500 students have returned to thirty-seven Tasmanian Catholic schools and colleges across the State for the commencement of the 2012 school year this week.

“Principals and teachers have been busily preparing to receive the students back, planning collaboratively to ensure quality lessons, a sound, relevant curriculum and positive learning environments,” the Director of Catholic Education, Dr Hindmarsh said.

Recently 70 new support staff and teachers were welcomed to the Tasmanian Catholic education system through an intensive Induction Program held in Hobart.

Teachers, administration and ancillary staff spent two days together where they learned about the Catholic ethos and educational culture and how to work effectively in Catholic schools.

 “Meanwhile the Catholic school system is looking towards the future and will be undergoing a process of collaboration with all relevant parties this year looking at strategic directions towards 2016.”

Dr Hindmarsh said student numbers in the Catholic sector have been rising slightly each year.