Catholic Family Sought for ABC Series

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Catholic Family Sought for ABC Series
COMPASS presenter Geraldine Doogue

ABC TV and Roar Film are seeking a Tasmanian based Catholic family to participate in a new television program for ABC TV’s COMPASS.

Six young people aged 18-23 and their families will be invited to feature in a new experiential series for COMPASS, with filming to take place during two weeks in March, April or May 2012.


“We are looking at questioning young adults, who are living in a largely secular world but are part of a family who puts faith at the heart of life,” says Director Varcha Sidwell, who brought The Abbey, The Mission and Bali High Wedding to ABC TV.

“You may come from one of the many widely practiced faith traditions within Judaism, Christianity or Islam or you may be a practicing Buddhist, Hindu or Zoroastrian.”

“Imagine leaving your family and taking the place of another young person in a home that’s very different from your own.”

Holy Switch is a broad invitation to Australians of faith. As a young person facing fundamental issues of belief and its expression in the lifestyle of their host family, this is a chance for six young people to explore and to be challenged.

“It’s not often that young Australians are given such a chance to explore the deeper issues in their lives, beyond the next celebrity scandal or latest fad – to be deeply challenged to discover new insights, not only about themselves but Australia as well,” said Ms Sidwell.

For applications and more information on Holy Switch please log onto the website

CONTACT:  Catherine Pettman ph 03 6224 5222 mob 0427 509 608

Applications close 17 February 2012