Catholic Education Week begins August 5

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Catholic Education Week begins August 5

The Theme this year is the Church’s ‘Year of Grace’ and schools throughout the week (and indeed the whole year) will be reflecting on the question ‘What does this have to do with Jesus?’ in relation to all that they are about.

Catholic Education Week (CEW) is an avenue for making real Family-Parish-School Partnerships, with opportunities for members of families, parish and school communities to participate together in celebrations both in the schools and in local parishes.

Parishes and schools have been invited to take photos of various events throughout the Week, send them to the Catholic Education Office where Dr Tony Lennard will transform them into ‘The Face of Christ’ to be made available as posters.

The Church invites us to a ‘Retreat’ during this Year of Grace and all schools are being invited to spend a period of time on one day during that Week in meditation –
either ‘Christian Meditation’ or a Guided Meditation (for which the TCEO has suggested a number of resources).

The schedule for each region is as follows:

South: Tuesday, August 7
There will be a period of Meditation in the spirit of the Year of Grace, in the southern schools followed by a fund-raising event at each school/college sometime during CEW. Each school is encouraged to work with their own parish during the Eucharist on Sunday, August 5.
The TCEC Recognition Awards will be held at 4.00pm at the D’Arcy Centre.

North West: Wednesday, August 8
Schools will hold individual celebrations and have agreed to do this between 11am and 12 noon on Wednesday, August 8 – this will enhance a sense of community.
St Patrick’s Catholic School in Latrobe will host Archbishop Adrian Doyle.
The TCEC Recognition Awards will be held at 4.30pm at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School.

North: Thursday, August 9
A Mass at 11am for all Grade Six students will be celebrated at Church of the Apostles with the Archbishop attending, followed by a BBQ.
The TCEC Recognition Awards will be presented at 4pm at St Thomas More’s Catholic School.