Catholic Education Needs Gonski Certainty

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Catholic Education Needs Gonski Certainty

With 1704 schools, 723,427 students and 83,112 staff, the Catholic Education system is the largest non-government system in Australia.

In April 2010 the Federal Government announced a sweeping review of the way Australian schools were funded.

The aim of the review is to have a new national system for funding of all schools - government, Catholic and Independent - in place from 2014.

In March 2011 the National Catholic Education Commission made a submission to the review panel strongly supporting parental choice and funding fairness.

The review panel, chaired by Mr David Gonski, deliverd its final report to the Federal Government in December  2011.  The report was publicly released in February 2012 (view NCEC media release).

Following the report's release, the Federal Government set up various stakeholder committees and workshops to review the recommendations and test the proposed model.

Through Catholic education representation on these committees and workshops, the National Catholic Education Commission has been working to ensure new funding arrangements support funding guidelines.

The messages from Catholic education to all families are:

1. Parents should be free to choose the type of education  they want for their children.
2.One in every five Australian students attends a Catholic school.
3. According to the latest data provided by the Australian Government’s My School website, even with parental contributions included, Catholic schools operate at 90% of the recurrent resources of government schools.
4. Catholic school students receive, on average, 20 per cent less government funding than students in government schools.
5. Students with disability in Catholic schools receive less funding from government than if they were going to a government school.
6. If government funding for Catholic schools does not keep pace with annual cost increases in schools, it is the same as a funding freeze. A funding freeze is a funding cut, and school fees will rapidly have to rise.

Stakeholder consultations are continuing.  The Federal Government is expected to formally announce its response to the Gonski Review in September 2012.

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