Banner exhibition to display life of Polish Pope

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Banner exhibition to display life of Polish Pope

The life of beloved Polish Pope St John Paul II will be on display in Moonah this October thanks to an exhibition of special banners detailing his life.

Created by the University of Lublin, where St John Paul II taught during the Communist era, the banners have been touring mainland Australia for several years.

The exhibition – which will be held at St Therese’s Church in Moonah for several weeks beginning on October 19 – will be the first time the banners have been displayed in Tasmania.
The Polish saint visited Tasmania twice: first as a Cardinal in February 1973, and then in 1986 as the Holy Father.

Consisting of 12 banners, Edward Kremzer, Honorary Consul of Poland, says the exhibition will be showing “the life of a great man to the community”.

“He was a great man. He was a holy man,” he said.
“He was a man for the people, he wasn’t just for the Poles. |

In fact, when he became Pope … he was almost removed from Poland and given to the rest of the world.”

Mr Kremzer hopes the exhibition will generate interest from local schools and for students to learn more about the life of Pope St John Paul II.

“When you talk of Polish heroes, everybody knows of Chopin, everybody knows of Nicholas Copernicus, and there’s Marie Curie, and Pope John Paul II.”

The location is apt: St John Paul II celebrated Mass and confirmed children at St Therese’s Church when he visited as a Cardinal.

The exhibition coincides with a family festival dedicated to Pope St John Paul II to be held at the parish on October 20, and with the saint’s feast day on October 22.