All Souls Day Mass at Cornelian Bay

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 All Souls Day Mass at Cornelian Bay
Archbishop Julian with Mass goers

Archbishop Julian Porteous was the main celebrant at the All Souls’ Day Mass at Wellington Chapel, Cornelian Bay Cemetery on Saturday November 2.  Fathers Shammi Perera and Brian Nichols concelebrated.

Catholics hold that the faithful on earth can help the departed souls reach heaven by prayers, alms, deeds and especially by the sacrifice of the Mass. All Souls’ Day is a special feast on the Catholic calendar commemorating all the faithful departed and Masses were celebrated in parishes throughout the Archdiocese on this day.

November is a particular time to remember our departed relatives with faith and love. Christians have the hope of eternal life in heaven as our consolation for the sadness of death.

The Mass at Cornelian Bay was very well attended, with the chapel packed to capacity. As many of those attending were from the Hobart Italian community, Fr Brian Nichols read the Gospel in Italian for them.

Every year this event is hosted by Millingtons Cemeteries and they provided a lovely afternoon tea after the Mass.