Adoration continues weekly at Riverside

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Adoration continues weekly at Riverside
Jadwiga Izbicki, of Riverside, prepares the flowers at St Francis Church, Riverside.

Parishioners in northern Tasmania are keen to spread the good word about the 12 hours of Eucharistic adoration that take place on Fridays at St Francis Catholic Church in Riverside.

Now running for a year, it was begun in February 2016 with the support of West Tamar resident priest Fr Martin Aye Ngwe.

Parishioner Barbara Manley says adoration has a profound impact on the district and the wider world.

“We’ve been taught that the Eucharist is the real presence of Jesus,” she said.

Fr Martin added that the Eucharist is the source and summit of Catholic faith.

The program of adoration begins at 7.00am and continues until 7.00pm, when it concludes with Benediction. Mass is celebrated at 9.00am.

Adoration is an opportunity to show gratitude for the tremendous blessings and graces from God and for physical, psychological and emotional healing.

People who attend the adoration vigil travel from Launceston and surrounding areas and include a wide cross-section of the population from mothers on home duties, to professionals, retirees, farmers, students, teachers and acolytes.

“We have visitors from other parishes, visitors from across the state, tourists, international students, lecturers, and business people who drop in for a while,” Mrs Manley added.

“Some express astonishment that it is here.

“We want to attract as many people as possible to this source of grace and blessing.

“Adoration fills me with peace and strength. It gets me through the toughest times.”

Mrs Manley added that everyone is welcome to adoration on Fridays at St Francis Catholic Church, for as little, or as long, as they want.

“You don’t have to be Catholic. Come and see, but please respect Jesus in silence and reverence.”