Teaching young adults to share their Catholic faith

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Teaching young adults to share their Catholic faith

The five-month Immaculata Mission School for young adults has kicked off for the second year running in the Huon Valley.

The program, which began on August 15, is being run by the Sisters of the Immaculata and includes prayer, teachings on the Catholic faith and practical mission experience.

Participant Vincent Jadraque, 22, from Sydney has put his engineering degree on hold to attend the mission school.

“I had a few friends who'd gone before and they'd all come back changed and more mature in their faith and had grown in virtue. And I was thinking, 'I would like that!' So I asked them how it was and they told me it's really great and I should go,” he said.

19-year-old Tasmanian Edwina Matuszek decided to take part in the mission school after attending a youth group run by the participants last year.

She says she hopes to discover her gifts and talents, and to grow in confidence in sharing her faith.

“I want to be able to love others for who they are, and to be able to be more open; to be able to share my faith, and not to be so hidden away,” she said.

Mother Mary Therese of the Sisters of the Immaculata says that the purpose of the mission school is simple: for the young people to fall in love with Jesus and to discover a love for the Catholic faith.

“They begin by being formed at the feet of Jesus in prayer and adoration. They develop a prayer life so that they can really discover a relationship with Jesus,” Mother Mary Therese said.

“We do things like teaching about the Church and the Eucharist; teaching about a love for and devotion to Our Lady; teaching about all these things that the Catholic Church really treasures. Because often if we don't have a grasp of these, then you can't love what you don't know so you can walk away. It's really giving these young people the foundation so that they can carry that into their future,” she said.

The young people will also learn about evangelisation and mission through running a fortnightly youth group, going on a mission trip and helping with the annual 10-day January Immaculata Mission School.