Pope meets with Catholic law-makers and witnesses a surprise marriage proposal

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Pope meets with Catholic law-makers and witnesses a surprise marriage proposal

Pope Francis has exhorted a group of Catholic lawmakers to be guided by the social and moral teaching of the Church, according to Vatican Radio.

The group were in Rome to attend a meeting of the International Catholic Legislator’s Network (ICLN).

The network is made up of Catholics who have been elected to public life and have a desire to integrate their faith and principles with their political responsibilities.
It meets each year in Rome for a four-day event, bringing together around 120 people to discuss urgent policy issues from around the world.

“As long as the contribution of the Church to the great questions of society in our time can be put into discussion,” Pope Francis was reported to have said,  “it is vital that your commitment be constantly pervaded by her moral and social teachings, in order to build a more humane and just society.”

The gathering took on a joyful note as one of the Catholic law-makers used his brief time of talking with the Pope to propose to his girlfriend, who was also present.

According to a report by the Telegraph newspaper, Venezuelan politician-in-exile Dario Ramirez spoke with Pope Francis before explaining that Miss Maryangel Espinal was put into his life by God, and that he wanted to marry her.

Mr Ramirez then got down on one knee and proposed to her.

Miss Espinal was momentarily speechless, and Pope Francis was reported to have intervened.

“He asked you to marry him, what do you say?” the Holy Father is reported as saying.

Miss Espinal then replied, “Yes, of course,” before the couple received a blessing from the Pope.

Mr Ramirez had apparently carefully planned the proposal and been given the all-clear by Cardinal Schonborn, while Miss Espinal and Pope Francis had no prior knowledge.

Mr Ramirez reported that the Pope had been “very surprised”.