Peggy Creed’s life is one of faith in action

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Peggy Creed’s life is one of faith in action

Peggy Creed’s life has been intertwined with her beloved church of St Matthew's since she was born.

Growing up in Pontville, she was baptised at St Matthew’s Catholic Church as a baby on July 15, 1927. 

The building burnt down the following year, making her one of the few people who can still claim a physical connection to the old church.

Since then, she has spent most of her life serving her local parish.

Her volunteering began at 15 when she volunteered to clean the church, and she has worked her way around different ministries since then: opening the church for weddings, arranging flowers, and serving on the pastoral council for many years.

“I’ve only in the last two years retired from being sacristan at St Matthew’s,” Mrs Creed said.

Now 90, she is still a member of the parish finance committee.

However, amidst the rich variety of ministries she has taken part in, one stands out as her favourite: serving on the committee of the Pontville Catholic General Cemetery.

“It sounds silly but the most satisfying was the cemetery … because you were doing a service for the people.  You’d meet people and sometimes take them to the cemetery where their loved ones were going to be buried,” she said.

It was the encounters with ordinary people that Mrs Creed has loved.

“The thing that hit me was that even if they didn’t have a lot of contact with the Church, they had faith and belief,” she said.

Although now no longer officially involved, it does not mean her connection with the cemetery is over.

“I’ve been retired six and half years and they still ring me up,” she said.

She says that it is her faith that has been the driving force behind all of her service.

“Without my faith, I’d be nothing,” she said.

“I feel that God is with me all the time. I just sort of treat Him as though he is part of the family; and what I do, I do for Him.”